Tuesday, December 9


it's sleeting here... that wasn't random or anything (note my sarcasm). yeah. that was a WEIRD way to start this off. yeah, i KNOW i haven't been here in FOREVER (no kidding) but you can totally blame school and all the stupid teachers who gave me a) projects, b) tests, c) quests, d) quizzes, or e) benchmarks! yay! (once again, sarcasm should be noted...) why do i say that? is someone REALLY going to take notes on what i type/say? really? if you do, note this: (cuz this is what i originally came here to type about before i got distracted...)
We have no forks.
no kidding- all our forks are dirty, so we didn't really have any. and my dad told us to eat ramen (awesomely delicious instant noodles) (i like chicken flavored ramen) for dinner. so i made some for my brother, and he found the "ninja fork", which is an awesome fork that can fold. like, it snaps into place and... yeah. tis a ninja. but that was the last "fork". so i had to eat my food with a spoon. and we kept saying fork or other random things instead of what we were TRYING to say. so here is DA LIST:
spoon= cup
knife= plate
napkins= straws

i just realized that like, 4 things were cups. so i had to make some adjustments. yeah... but it was really random. and kristin called me to tell me that she found a "leaf" on her sock which turned out to be a bug. so now she's going to write horror novels about what happened. i imagine one of them would be like this:

It seemed to be another ordinary Tuesday night, and I was on the computer instead of doing my homework, like I was supposed to be doing. While looking around, I saw a leaf on my sock. I decided to pick it up, and it was squirming in my fingers. It took me a whole minute to realize that what I was holding was in truth, NOT a leaf, but a bug. I screamed, and flung it across the room. I then ran into my room, sat in a corner (or in her closet... i'm not sure where ((what?! i wasn't there...that would be called "stalking-your-best-friend-because-there-is-nothing-creepy-about-that"))) hid under a blanket, and whipped out my cell phone, calling Rianna. She answered the phone, and I told her (while laughing hysterically, i must add) what had occured. I settled down after a bit, but could hear her on the line, still laughing. So I started laughing again too. And that went on for a while. Then I told her, in a scared voice, that my brother wasn't there to save me from this vile creature. Finally, after Rianna and I had talked for 30 minutes or so, Jason arrived, and we began a search for the now missing bug (that had 10, then 8, then 9 legs...) and we, Rianna and I, kept talking about random things for another whole hour.

yeah, it was REALLY random. like, she said ("I popped my shoulder blades") and even though I knew that, it sounded like brains, so i'm like, "you popped your shoulder brains!? wow, i didn't even know ur shoulders could have brains! mine must be dumb... they don't have brains." and later on, she had 9 shoulders- complete with 9 brains- and on each brain there was a mini table... which were serving bugs. yeah. twas hilarious, and while doing that, i ended up finishing my part of the bio project that's due tomorrow! yay me! but now i have to check my email and see if i got anything from my partners... yeah.
tZvR (wishes it was NEXT FRIDAY... at 1 pm. cuz i will be out on Christmas break! yay!!)

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