Tuesday, December 9


so...remember the worm incident? if not, you should look it up...because it will make this seem even more hilarious than it really is... ONTO THE STORY!

So i'm sitting here, not really doing anything, and i start picking at my sock. It's really fuzzy, and there was something stuck on it, so i pulled it off. I was looking at the thing, which I was holding in my hand, and i'm like, "okay...there was a leaf on my sock..." 
then it starts moving and i threw it, realizing it was a bug.
then i was like, "OHMYGOSH, where'd i throw it?!" and i was scared i threw it in my shoes, since they were sitting right beside me. So i was searching for the bug and I found it RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, ON THE DESK. It scared me half to death!! And it had this little claw that was moving... AUGH! So gross! Yeah, so i grabbed my phone and screamed, running out of the room while calling was hilarious, mainly since I could barely talk from laughing and being super grossed out. we ended up talking for about an hour and a half, and no, not about the bug, though it was one of the main topics of should see the post Rianna made...with my supposed (suppose-ED) horror story. 
Then my brother got home and i made him find the bug for me, but it was lost and i was freaked out and didn't go on the computer for about an hour.
So...that was my day...except for the semi-funny almost serious thing in World Geography...

So, our teacher decides he's going to postpone our test, which I spent ALL NIGHT studying for, and this one guy (who just seems to like causing problems in World Geo...he's also the guy I "forgot"in the car and the guy who was dancing in World Geo) got maddish and was asking if the people who were ready could take the test today, then the teacher got mad, then (apparently, I didn't see/hear this part) the guy got mad and some OTHER guy, who rides my bus, said something, and the first guy said a bad word...and our teacher sent him out of the room and made him take the test. 
So I was talking to him afterwards, and he said the test was SUPER SUPER hard!! ARGH!
So now I'm scared about that...but that was pretty much everything that happened today...

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