Saturday, December 27


if i weren't a writer, i would be an editor. 

THIS is a post from someone's blog...

i havnt been on in forever so i just wanted 2 say merry christmas/happy hanakuh/happy quanza and i got a laptop 4 christmas and am very happy about it +a new fone and close and 150$ even tho were poor im tryin 2 write a book any story ideas its not any good tho but watever wesaw all my cousins 2day and i hope 2 go shoppin my aunt got a (gag) pink coach purse for me 2 add to the many purses i already dont use if it cant fit in ur shoe dont carry it around well bye bye everyone
Okay...first thing: i see NO periods. none at all. if i missed one, please point it out. now i'm going to try and do this is sections:
what the HECK is quanza? i believe it is spelled KWanza.'re poor. and you got a laptop, clothes, a new phone, AND $150? that is the most unreasonable thing i have ever read in my life!!
and i don't believe you spell CLOTHES close. that is what you do to your bedroom door when you don't want anyone inside.
the next error is because of a misplaced modifier and no periods. "even tho were poor im tryin 2 write a book an story ideas its no any good tho but watever"
so you're trying to write a book because you're poor? you'd be better off trying to invent a new car! and you can't try to write a book without an idea.the idea IS the story. the only difference is that an idea can't be copyrighted. that like a seesaw?
and i would think you would tell someone that you didn't like pink, or purses if they were going to buy you a coach purse. and you can't carry a wallet in your shoe. or a phone. or a camera. or lipgloss. or chapstick. or any of that other stuff you might keep in your purse... es bored.

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