Thursday, December 11

... hmmm... what to do, what to do?

well, right now i'm sitting in my kitchen (a new spot, but i'm hungry...what can i say?) with my computer, listening to music, now blogging, and reading fanfiction. yeah. surprised? NO!? why not? WHAT?! YOU KNEW I DIDN'T HAVE ANY HOMEWORK (or that much, anyway) TODAY?! YOU STALKERS! -goes to backdoor, "Come on in, you guys, if you're going to be stalking me, i at least wana know who you are!"- [giant mob of people who read this blog pile in my kitchen] GAH! there are so MANY of you!!! ... well... now that my random hallucination/ boredom synario (is that spelled right?) thing is over... yeah. i tend to do that a lot now... just randomly imagine random things and what i would do. like, this morning, i randomly thought, "what would i do if i was just sitting here eating my cereal (what i was doing at the time) and i heard a gunshot? and when i turned around because i didn't die, i saw Fang sliding down the window?" well, i decided that i would drag him inside, and up to my bathroom, which is upstairs. Then i would tell Angel to tell the flock to come in through my window and then Max and Iggy would help me heal Fang. and then i stopped thinking about that because somehow Max randomly got shot. so yeah. too painful. I like spoons. and Elephants. and Ice cream. along with various other random things. can you tell i'm bored? if not, I AM BORED. loti. so bored. SO BORED. [BORED, BOREd, BORed, BOred, Bored, bored, ored, red, ed, d] ... it was echoing. randomly. i tend to be random when i'm bored. i had ice cream. and talked to kristin. and i'm in my kitchen. here's what food i want but don't currently have at the moment: bacon, pie (specifically, apple), beef jerky, salad (mostly lettuce tho... and i HATE lettuce- by itself at least...) with Zesty Italian dressing. yeah. Pretzels too. I'M ADDICTED TO FLAMIN HOT CHEETOS AND PRETZELS!!!!!!!! idk... but i am. but we've run out of ALL of that... so i have nada. zilch. what language is zilch? anyone know? cuz i don't. and i wana. and i'm fragmenting. and it's annoying. skiing. that's a funny word. like... panicking. like, panic king. I AM THE KING OF PANIC. THE PANICKING. loti i wana meet the panicking~!!!! and the picnicking too. yay picnicking! woohoo!!! ok... i'm gonna stop rambling now and go sing whatever songs play on my playlist!
Yours Discursively,
tZvR :)

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