Friday, December 12


Mainly those that do stupid things...Like naming a FEMALE character AARON. Does that make any sense at all? It's like naming boy Hailey. Speaking of names, what is up with all the people named JOHN?! I swear, I know like ten! There are also lots of Lauren's...yeah...just thought I'd say that... and there's a bunch of stuff going on that I should talk about but I'm being lazy and don't feel like typing it.

ALSO- If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you should look at the moon tonight, especially around midnight. It's at perigee, which is the closest it gets to the earth all year. It will also be especially large, AND it's a full moon. Double bonus plus plus!
Don't ask why i typed that. I have no idea. Well, I'm going to attempt to do something type up stories, sleep or finish off the ice cream. Or all of them. At the same time. Well, I can't exactly sleep while eating ice cream OR typing, but I can eat and type. Or I could read. Or I could just sleep. But if I did, I would miss the moon. Speaking of, I'm going to bundle up at midnight to go see it. Since I'm that much of an astronomy nerd.

EDIT: Yay for hilarious people who rant like me! Well, with worse grammar, spelling and less punctuation. I'm posting a comment I found on a youtube video...let's just say i feel the EXACT same way about this show...

chowder is the worst show in the world it made me so much stupider my little brother loves it and it makes me want to stab myself repeatedly with a blunt object until it is sharpened enough from the friction of it banging off top of my head to actually penetrate my skull and lodge into my brain activating my pain sensors so i die in incredibly agony over a long period of time, yep that's what that show makes me wanna do. Sometimes it's kinda funny though

I just found it hilarious how they said all that bad stuff about it then said, "sometimes it's kinda funny though". Yeah...just thought I'd add this...I'm SUPER bored...and i'm gonna try to get to level 12!!

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