Sunday, December 21

totally hilarious!!

well first off, i'm typing with one hand because i'm cold and the other hand is under my blanket. i'm posting to tell you about the most hilarious made up dream i have ever read!! it was in a MR fanfic and i'm take no credit for coming up with it. because i didn't.

Well, I was inside of a giant pumpkin, and the Burger King was there with me. He said ‘Everybody dance now!’ and started grooving, so then Max came and hit him on the head with a large stick. Then Fang came up and did the worm off of a cliff and me and Ella sat on the sofa laughing the whole time cause someone had replaced his wings with jellyfish. might not make too much sense if yu haven't read MR, but its still hilarious. and now my arm is tired. good bye.

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DAS said...

i think i deserve 50 irps for this awesome alliteration:

Anticorns ate apples and anteaters, appearing alongside atrocious apes after acquiring an aphid.