Sunday, December 21


Today, and the rest of last week, was interesting. Yeah...I'm officially out of school for Christmas break. I really want to argue how unfair it is that we only get two weeks off!

Yesterday, I spent ALL day christmas shopping, and my feet are sore. Luckily, I found some totally awesome and perfect presents! I also got to go to the container store! it's an interesting's really fun to walk around in. I was so amused by this one trashcan that my mom says she's going to buy it for me for christmas...but that would be kinda weird.
And I officially have nothing to do. Yay. (Not really)
I guess I'll go now...
Oh YEAH! you know what SUCKS?! They don't have the Mars manga at Barnes and Noble! The closest one is far away and there's no way it'll get here before christmas...-sniffle-
I even checked Borders...and i highly dislike that store. You know what I find funny though? My parents have been gone since about nine this morning, shopping for christmas presents! nd in case you couldn't tell, it's ONE O' CLOCK!
Yeah...time for kristin to go do something unproductive. yay.

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