Tuesday, January 6

argh... is just a posting day. Mainly because people are getting on my nerves!!

This is what happened:
My mom told me to get off the computer, so i sat in my room with the radio up super loud while i wrote multiple multiple pages, and then, about FIVE minutes later, my brother comes in and says I need to eat cuz it's almost eight. I was like, whatever and continued listening to the radio because it was the top five countdown. Then Jason comes up AGAIN. Telling me to watch this super amazing NatGeo segment on space and hubble telescope, which he walks away from as soon as I reluctantly walked downstairs. Then my mom thought I wasn't feeling good because I was frowning because I was mad, and I was just thinking, "maybe if you hadn't interrupted me, I wouldn't be all frowny."
And it's even worse because I wrote like five pages in those few minutes with the blasting radio, but everyone had to come interrupt me so now i have no idea what to write and i can't use the music to help because the countdown went off and my dad and brother went to bed.
PS. Tuesdays are now on the least favorite day list, right after mondays, which of course, are first.
Good night!

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