Tuesday, January 6

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg... video night?!

i'm apparently a pirate. ANYWAY... i hate my A days too. here's my schedule:

Annoying days (haha get it?! A... Annoying... forget it)

Speech (ah... teacher's REALLY repetitive... and makes up weird acronyms)
Geography (stupid teacher picking b-days to choose seats... i liked my old seat better.)
English (eh. tis the same as last semester...)

B Days

Orchestra (at least i can semi-sleep in this class)
Biology (i have friends in the class... i'm cool)
Spanish (eh. PHIL!!)
Athletics (i love running)

yeah. as you can see, my school days are going to be semi-like kristin's- in the way that A days are somewhat harder than B days... but other than that, we only have TWO classes together... as opposed to last semester, when we had... two... classes... together... lotirofim! (what? i'm in a laughy mood... i just watched that hilarious twilight puppet video... hey. i'll put my favorite potter puppet pals (i would say ppp, but that's something else... KRIS!! PPP!!!) video on here, in case you've never seen one. but trust me, tis NO WHERE NEAR as funny as that twilight one... wOw. one question about that tho... why'd they call him team edward??? and i like how all the round objects had faces. and when james was breaking bella's leg, she was screaming in agony, and all the caption said was "ouch". yeah... anyway... potter puppet pals: HERE.

"If you want to destroy
my sweater!
Pull this thread
as I walk away!"
- Undone (The Sweater Song), Weezer

Lotirofim that song's hilarious... but one thing i don't get... the next lines are "Watch me unravel/ I'll soon be naked" and i'm going... are you ONLY wearing a sweater?? or is it like, a sweater jumpsuit or something??? cuz if you just undid the sweater... you'd just be sweaterless. you'd still (hopefully) have pants on... so yeah. if any of the band members of Weezer (I LOVE YOU!) are reading this... randomly... will you please tell me???
*Rian is in a weezer mood, so she goes off, humming Buddy Holly & Troublemaker (this version is weird... these people must be bored)(and also... it's fake. just fyi)*
(i take it back. this one's more hilarious... and THESE people were bored. but it's only part of the song... sigh)
PS. what?? it's hard finding a good version of troublemaker where a) it's not a video of someone videoing them playing a videogame with guns and they decided not to edit out the gunshots, b) it doesn't have Weezer looking... different. or c) it's not the simpsons... i don't like that version. it's really bad. so yeah... i'll find something eventually. and i told you. I'm in a weezer mood. and a video one, too, i guess. anyway... what? more videos on random things i find?? OK! (this post was started at... 7:15ish? and it's already 8:38 right now... hehe. LONGEST POST! (like, timewise... not in length...) anyway... more videos. right... ummm... ok. i don't know if i've already put this on here, so i'll put it here (possibly again). once again... shown to me by the super uber hyper spitting sixth grade kid, here is this song. haha when i finished and went to a new thing... an ad came up that said "Over 75% of people have failed the DUMB test". I almost cracked up... but refrained... i do NOT want to repeat the TPS (kristin's vid) incident again... anyway: i love this song!! this one's weird... oh and fyi, if you don't know, that song before the really long one at the end... the tarzan is handsome or whatever one?? they're both guys. yeah... everyone thinks he's a girl... but he's not. yeah... NEXT! this is one of the most RANDOM videos i have EVER seen. oh yeah! i remember these! they were on one of my insanity posts!! i'll put them here now... assasin's creed
captain basch from dalmasca... tetris! um... beautiful katamari... excuse me. katamari damancy.
ok! i'm gonna stop now... seeing as it's... 9:08... and my mom's getting mad at me cuz i'm not practicing my cello... hehe oops. anyway...
(yay for longest post script EVER!)
Rian, tZvR, Emi-chan, Rianna, Annair, Tammy, Annaire, and all the many other aliases (word??) that is one person... ME! xD

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