Saturday, January 31

i have to agree.

with this FF author. she made a very good point with her author's note in the middle of a story, and though I do despise it when people do things like that, it' okay in this situation. Because it's funny, and true.


"'Kay, now that that's settled, everybody hurry up and eat. I don't like being in the open like this..." I told them, then hastily began eating, myself. (A/N: See, this is where punctuation saves lives. What if I had left out that comma? It would have said 'Then hastily began eating myself'. EATING MYSELF. Let's not kill Max...or anyone else, with incorrect punctuation!)

Yup...who agrees with me that this author is the best? Raise your hand. Now put it down so that you don't look stupid to any of the other people in the room! hehe...okay. I'm going to finish typing, and try not to start any more manga. though I can't promise anything...heh.

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Rian said...

see? aren't you glad i told you about that?! xD u SHOULD give me credit... or rather.. i'll give myself credit!!! yay!!!