Saturday, January 31

The Pedestrian's Friend

actually, idk what to call this. for you see, i'm going to write a random story thing! actually, it's just gonna be a whole bunch of random conversations that probably have nothing to do with anything. yep. it started on the cbox... La Tigre y El Peaton. si, si. Si no hablas espanol, es fresco (hey- my spanish isn't that great either). i'll have a translation at the end of the post. & HOPEFULLY it'll make sense. like i said- i'm only in my second year of spanish at school, so my grammer is NOT going to be good. at all. in fact, it's probably going to be horrible. but that's not gonna stop me! so i'll start in this one...

actually... i'll just see if i can remember the first encounter.
here goes... stuff. (oh, and the fact that i don't know how to do accents & stuff on my computer isn't going to make this any better...) xD

Grrrr. iSoy una tigre! Hablo en espanol.
iAy, mi! iUna tigre que habla en espanol! iCorrer!
Grrrrrrr. Soy una pez tigre chica. iSoy una perrrrrrrrrrrrdadora! BANILLA SORUTO!
iAy! La pez-tigre-chica es una perdadora porque habla en... japones? Buen cosa se pequeno japones... La pez-tigre-chica pregunta por... vainilla sal?
Si, banilla soruto.
Te gustaria vainilla sal?
No. Grrrr. Solo canto un cancion.
Oh. ...
...Tengo prisa. Tengo salir ahora. iHasta luego, la pez-tigre-chica!
De acuerdo. iChao, peaton!

and that ends that segment. since i've done two, i might as well post the second one too... but after this translation!

Grrr. I'm a tiger! I speak in Spanish.
Oh my! A tiger that speaks in Spanish! Run!
Grrr. I'm a fish tiger girl. I'm a looooooooser! Vanilla Salt.
Oh! The fish-tiger-girl is a loser because she speaks in... Japanese? Good thing I know a little Japanese... The fish-tiger-girl asks for... vanilla salt?
Yes, vanilla salt.
Do you want vanilla salt?
No. I only sing a song.
I'm in a hurry. I have to go now. See you later, fish-tiger-girl!
Agreed. Chao, pedestrian!

please anyone (who actually knows spanish) tell me if my spanish is wrong! or give me tips on how to fix it!!! but right now, it's breakfast time. so i will be eating breakfast... hahaha that kinda goes with the next segment of this... which i'll probably end up posting later... if i have time. :]

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