Thursday, January 15

i laughed my face off

again. no... i didn't do that LITERALLY (crazy people), but figuratively... probably. anyway... i was doing my world geography homework (which consisted of cornell noting a section ((of many)) on Russia & the Republics) when I saw that traditionally, Georgians (no, not American Georgians, Transcaucasian Georgians!!) have a supra, or dinner party (but the word literally translates to "tablecloth", but refers to any occasion in which people gather & eat & drink). But my dad a) started talking about the CAR called supra... and b) thought i said, "My friend Caucasia." so i laughed. of course. typical me. ANYWAY! tonight at dinner, i was, once again, saying how much i would enjoy a supra because it includes a number of cold dishes, 2-3 hot dishes, followed by fruits & dessert... but you can add in any number of foods you want. at least, that's what it says in my geography book. so then... my dad said, "Rianna has a friend named Caucasia." so i started laughing really hard. and spinning in circles. which is what i do when i laugh REALLY REALLY hard. no kidding. ANYWAY (gosh, i gotta learn to stick to the topic!!) i was laughing, and my mom's like, "is that her real name?!" so i was laughing harder. and then my brother's like, "are you going to go to the fridge again?" because when i laugh hard like that, i usually steady myself using the fridge. idk why, i just do. so anyway (jeez! again!!) my mom said, "no, she's gonna SNAP MY PICTURE!" which is... well... i can't really describe it. so i'll post it. go HERE!!! so anyway, i started laughing again. finally (which means like, 5 minutes of straight laughing later) i finally got to explain what a supra was & how i said TRANScaucasia, not "My friend Caucasia."yeah... just another random post to show how weird i am. yeppers. like peppers. only with a 'Y'. yeah... RAMBLING DISCURSIVENESS!!!! xD
tZvR (continues rambling in her mind)
GAH! I CAN'T FIND THAT SONG!!! if anyone knows a song in which the only words are "OOOH!" and "SNAP MY PICTURE!" (of course picture being like "pick-chah"), please tell me what it's called & the artist/band!! i heard it on the radio, but i couldn't figure out what it was while sifting through the radio's playlist!!! I NEED TO KNOW! because now that thing that says "go HERE" has no link because i couldn't find the song. so sad. i'm sorry. but yeah... if u know it, please tell me!! cuz i also want it for my playlist... LAFFY TAFFY! sorry... just remembering a conversation that included that song, the snap my picture, & in the ayer. from lunch yesterday... yeah. ok.
tZvR (is really sad right now...)

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