Thursday, January 15

I might as well do it now...TORADORA BIOS!

NOTE: The pictures of the characters are above the below the descriptions.

Okay...first is main character Ryuuji Takasu!
 So...about Ryuuji. Well, people are scared of him because of his eyes which supposedly make him look like a delinquent. He likes Minori, which I find odd since they're so different, but whatever. He's also a really good cook...Yep. ! Oh yeah. He's best friends with Yuusaku. Onto Taiga!

Taiga Aisaka
Yay Taiga! Okay, her nickname is the Palmtop tiger, because she's so fierce, but she's so small ( that she could fit in your palm...well, not really, but you get the point.) She has a gigantic temper, and hates Ami because...well, you'll have to wait to find out. She's Minori's best friend and likes Yuusaku, but she always gets super nervous around him. It's hilarious. She starts coming over to Ryuuji's house every night, mainly for dinner.

Yuusaku Kitamura
Once again, you should know he's Ryuuji's best friend. He's the student council vice president and one of the only people, at least at the beginning, who knows that Ryuuji isn't crazy or a delinquent. Ami was his childhood friend.

Ami Kawashima
Ami is a model...she randomly comes to their school, and she's really popular, especially with the guys, but Taiga hates her. It's kind of funny. She doesn't really fit in with the rest of the class, but she pretends...She also has two different personalities.

Yuri Koigakubo
Ahaha...This is their teacher. I just thought I'd put her in here since she's kinda crazy and has some problems sometimes. It's hilarious.

Another one I didn't really need to add, but whatever. He's Ryuuji's parrot and he certainly has some problems. That's pretty much all I need to say. You should just watch to find out about him...

Soo...did this make you want to watch it? Maybe I'll do another one sometime, but for something like...shugo Chara. probably won't be soon though, since this took like an hour. But It's not a waste of time... it's a work of art.

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