Saturday, January 10

i'm cracking up right now

lotirofim watch the most hilarious video EVER right now!!

click here!!!

haha while searching for that i got this: clicky
great. now i'm in THAT kind of mood again... so therefore i will put all the videos i can find on this here. numbah one
woah. somehow... those videos led me to... this... one... it scares me. but it's in german and i have no idea what it says... tell me if you know german!!! clickerz
(kristin... watch it. at least the second one on the last one... you'll get a kick out of the title)
then this one came up... here
(tis in japanese... sorry no subs. just random videos)
ok. this one has subs. aqui
um... has anyone ever heard of this?? i have no clue what it says... sorry again. blah
woah ok... i just watched that & it's REALLY strange... i do NOT understand it... and what's with that one girl's hair??? anyway... NEXT!!
just because i haven't seen this show in forever... & it came up... so here.
just to get on people's nerves... i'll put this video on here... so repetitive!!! xD (so what if you think/ know i'm crazy! i'm used to it!!) but you have to watch ALL of it... the end is hilarious, promise.
ok. i don't understand it, nor does it make any sense to me... but it's funny. so yay!
here it is in english.
what the heck?!
i'm hungry.
ok. listen to this song. watched it? now watch this video. tis the same song... lotirofim. ok. same song again... but different.
i agree with the title.
alright. i'm done now. sigh. these things take longer than you'd think. cuz i have to watch the whole video. at least twice. and i've got boring things to get over and done with, cuz i have a party tonight. yeppers. so maybe i'll do another random post like this tomorrow... ooh!! i could do only songs?? idk. we'll just have to see.

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