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i take NO credit whatsoever for this story. it's all everyoneisMISunderstood's, who does not own the characters. i own nothing... except this disclaimer. I CLAIM THE DISCLAIMER!!! xD anyway... this is funny. read. NOW. hehe jk you don't HAVE to if you don't want to... but you should.

“Max? I was wondering…I’m kinda bored and I remember this game we played at that school we went to with Anne. And what you do is someone starts the story, and then the next person adds something, then the next person, and so on. It was sooo fun and sooo funny! Please, Max?” Well, Nudge did seem to like this game and with the flock each having different personalities, this could be very interesting.

“Um, sure. Who wants to play?” Surprisingly everyone agreed even Fang. Shows you how freaking bored we were. “Ok we’ll do the same order as word association. Angel can start, then me, then Fang, after Fang, Iggy will go, Nudge after Iggy, followed by Gazzy. After Gazzy, Total will go then Angel again. We clear?” Everyone nodded so I said, “Go ahead Angel.”

“Ok, once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. She was the prettiest person in the world, and she was fair and honest. Her name was Max.” I blushed from the earnest sincerity in her voice, and I heard Iggy give a dry cough. I rolled my eyes, and Angel said, “Iggy, she’s rolling her eyes.”

I said, “Thanks, Angel. One day, Max decided she didn’t want to be a princess, and that she didn’t like being a princess, because she didn’t like to wear a dress or anything proper like that.”

“Max gave the job to her good friend Nudge.” Not so specific there are we, Fang?

“Nudge got on everyone’s nerves. She talked too much, and was way too happy.” That surprised me. Iggy wasn’t usually mean like that. I glanced over and saw the playfulness in his eyes.

“Oh yeah? Well, Nudge was secretly, a um, fairy! Yeah! And she had all her fairy friends and unicorns and stuff. So Nudge got mad one day at this guy named Iggy. So Nudge used her powers to transform Iggy into her personal salsa dancer! Iggy wasn’t even good at dancing!” We all started laughing (except Fang, who just smirked) as Angel sent us a mental video of Iggy in a cocktail dress doing some complicated dance and messing up horribly. Nudge looked rather proud of her punishment and beamed once we were done laughing.

“‘Iggy the salsa dancer, you must go and dance at the Gasman’s house. Wear the most amazing, spectacular hot pink dress you can find. And it absolutely MUST be bedazzled. No questions! Go!’” We laughed at Gazzy’s imitation of Nudge’s voice. We all started cracking up harder when Angel sent us all another video, except this time Iggy was wearing a bedazzled hot pink dress with feathers all over it. Iggy’s face flushed with embarrassment.

“Iggy began the long walk to the Gasman’s house, when suddenly an awesome dog named Total showed up and decided to go with Iggy on his quest to the Gasman’s house.” Total looked rather upset that he didn’t come into the story earlier so I rolled my eyes at him.

“Total was rather unhappy that his master, Fang couldn’t come along. So Total called out, ‘Why must the world be so cruel!’ and then one of Nudge’s fairy friends, Angel, caused Fang to appear and Total leaped into his arms.” Angel seemed rather satisfied with her addition to the story.

“Fang had to go to the Gasman’s house too. But Fang was worried he would be scarred for life if he saw Iggy’s dancing. But Iggy needed the moral support, and Fang agreed to wear a cheerleading outfit and support Iggy the salsa dancer.” I knew Fang was gonna kill me for that later. When he glared at me, I just gave him my best innocent smile. Which probably wasn’t very good, but oh well.

“Fang changed his mind and didn’t wear the cheerleading outfit. Instead he gave it to the former princess Max, who had arrived when Angel poofed Max there.” Ew. Me as a cheerleader? Um wow. Ew. Angel grinned sweetly and I suddenly got the mental image of me in a cheerleading outfit. Ugh. Again I will say ew. Everyone else was laughing, except Fang. Fang was chuckling. Which I guess can be considered laughing but you know what I mean. Then I started snickering as I realized Fang had actually said “poofed”. That just doesn’t seem very Fanglike.

“Max was Iggy’s biggest fan. She made up this special cheer for him. It went like this, ‘Iggy, Iggy, he’s the bomb, he’s so hot he sets off the fire alarm!” My face flushed with anger and humiliation. And yes he did emphasize bomb and fire, cuz hes just a pyro that way.

“They finally arrived at the Gasman’s house. And then, um Max started cheering for Iggy again. But this time the cheering was different. She was all like, ‘I-g-g-y! That’s Iggy! Hey, hey it’s Iggy! We all love Iggy! Especially me!’ So then Fang, Iggy, Max, Angel who decided to come too, and Total entered the door of the Gasman’s house.” That girl has such a motor mouth.

“But Fang was in love with Max. So he got jealous of Iggy and started to cry because Max was cheering for Iggy. He screamed to the clouds, ‘Why does the world hate me so much!’ And the Gasman looked at Fang like he was crazy and thought he had issues.” Instantly we all cracked up at Gazzy’s imitation of Fang’s voice.

“So then they started playing this awesome song. It was called ‘Never Underestimate a Girl’ by Vanessa Hudgens so Iggy could dance. Iggy began to dance in his beautiful cocktail dress.” Total looked proud of his song choice. I really wanted to know how he knew that song. Probably Angel or Nudge.

“Iggy fell down on the floor at first. And then he got right back up again. Max decided she didn’t like Iggy anymore, and that she was in love with Fang. So she kissed Fang and said, ‘I love you so much, Fang!’” Oh, gosh…I felt my face heat up and I saw Fang smirking at me and I realized it was my turn.

“Er, then Max sat down in a chair, and yeah.” Well, sorry, but I was put in an awkward position.

“Fang was definitely scarred for life from Iggy’s dancing.” Yeah, kinda awkward for both of us.

“Iggy was very unhappy that Nudge made him come dance at the Gasman’s house, so he decided to start a rebellion against the queen. After all, the princess was annoying, and a lot of people thought so too. So they rebelled and Nudge was thrown off the throne.” I guess Iggy was kinda mad that he was a salsa dancer.

Nudge looked indignant. Oh boy, here comes a long rant…“Well, Nudge decided that she was going to get her revenge on Iggy and then she was taken away by an extremely handsome prince. And she got married and Max and Fang got married and Iggy died old and alone!”

hahaha wasn't that great!? i loved it. THANKZ everyoneisMISunderstood!!! love your story!! by the way, if you want to read it, click here: TFOB

tZvR= sore. which reminds me of a song.
PAIN! without love. PAIN! can't get enough. PAIN! i like it rough cuz i'd rather have pain than nothing at all!! (which is all true. there is no such thing as "loving pain". i mean, what the heck would that be?! i OBVIOUSLY can't get enough cuz i'm practically killing myself trying to get in ultimate shape for track. ((actually, that's all being forced upon me.)) i WOULD rather feel pain than nothing at all... cuz if i couldn't feel ANYTHING, there'd be... well, nothing. yeah i know, i'm not the deepest person in the sea, but still.)

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