Tuesday, January 20

my two legged cat has a wheelchair (0-90mph downhill)

watch this video now!!!

if you want to listen to about 1:15 seconds of random blabbering about "safety", then watch from the beginning. otherwise, just go to about 1:20, and listen. you don't even really have to watch... just listen. tis HILARIOUS... and to think i got it off of fanfiction. hey- it's not as random mumbo-jumbo-y as one might think. so yeah. my non-existent cat has 2 legs, so it's in a wheelchair that can go from 0-90 mph going downhill... trust me. if you listen/watch, it will ALL become clear to you!! xD i sound like some old sensei guy who reads too many fortune cookies. OH WELL!
tZvR (also has a seven legged cow named jorge)

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Richard Lewis said...

Funny! I have a cat with three legs...garbage compactor mangled one.

Rian said...

aww! i'm sorry!!! poor kitty. thankz for reading! :]