Thursday, January 22

Fine, then!

i've realized that we haven't posted in FOREVER. i blame track & the IB program. ... also anime & manga too... cuz i know that's what's been distracting me. xD yeah... ya know, i'm really sleepy. and cold. even though it's like, 60 or 70 something degrees (fahrenheit)(is that how u spell that!? i can never spell that right) outside. but that doesn't stop me from being cold! going to the library! not right now... but later. have i mentioned how much i hate track practice?? it's HORRIBLE. but today was one of the better days... we, well, I only had to run 6 150s. Kristin, on the other hand, only had to run 3... or 4... something like that, but anyway, then she got to go jump. i still finished like, 30 minutes before her though!! you know? every time i wana type the word "though", i always type thought. just like (i'm getting better at this, though) how every time i typed kristin, i'd always wana type kristing, just cuz it's my automatic default thing "oh look! 'in'. it's missing a 'g'! let's add one!". yeah... that kinda thing. "trashed my own house party cuz no body came" haha have you ever like, REALLY listened to the lyrics of a song?? sometimes they're REALLY hilarious. that quote was from Fat Lip by Sum 41. another funny quote might be, "If the world is ending, i'm throwing the party!" (Guilty Pleasure, Cobra Starship) ya know, when i was new to that band, or when that band was new to me? whatever. when i had first heard that band, i had always wanted to randomly say starship cobra. i mean, what the heck is that?! oh, and fyi, this is just a filler post. i'm just going to ramble on and on and on until i don't feel like rambling anymore. which might take a while. or not. idk. i seem to not know a lot of things, though. well, OBVIOUSLY i don't know a lot of things! i mean, i'm only a fish! haha that sounds funny. SOY UNA PEZ. hehe. SO WHAT IF YOU CAN SEE THE DARKER SIDE OF ME?! NO ONE WOULD CHANGE THIS ANIMAL I HAVE BECOME! HELP ME BELIEVE IT'S NOT THe ReAL ME! SOMEBODY HELP ME TAME THIS ANIMAL! (animal i have become, 3 days grace) yeppers, you caught me. i'm listening to my basically depressing-but-good-songs playlist! i'm not even kidding though. most of the songs on here are depressingish & sad/angry... but there are like, 4 songs on here that aren't like that. i just like the music, basically. but i might listen to that kind of music because it balances out my seemingly always optomistic attitude. no, i'm not depressed or anything. just tired. and sleepy. SLEEPY DOPEY SNEEZY GRUMPY DOC ... SNOW WHITE... [insert other three dwarves names here] yeah... i kinda forgot them. haha when i was typing three i almost typed tree... TREE FIDDY! haha you'd understand if you played weird adventure 2... but you absolutely must play weird adventure 1 first. which is probably going to make some people not play it. OH WELL! be confused then! just like me!!! ALL I WANT TO DO IS BE MORE LIKE ME AND BE LESS LIKE YOU! (numb, linkin park). i know it. i'm just bursting with random exerpts of songs today, aren't i??? apparently... kk... i think i'll stop. because i'm running out of things to type. just know, i am NOT really this talkative really... though i can be at times... just like Fang!! haha williams. greeaaaat. look what i made myself do. hehe. williams. xD WILLIAMS! hahahha! no... i'm not making fun of anyone who's name in any form or fashion is williams... it's just i was reading a fanfic in which fang's last name was williams. Fang Williams. Fang ERIC Williams. FEW. haha. & then he married max. MAXIMUM WILLIAMS! try saying that in an announcerish voice. haha that's really funny. i can only get to MAXIM... before i start laughing. no kidding. but alas, it is time for me to go... feed my dog. because i'm a fish. xD

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