Thursday, January 8

oh jeez.

first off- it took me about five minutes to get up the stairs because my legs are killing me and i had to take my backpack up too.

Next: This is the worst fanfiction I have ever read in my life. At first glance it seems okay, but there are multiple grammar errors, and the worst part is the "paragraph", if you can even call it that, in the 11th chapter. I'll give you an idea of how long it is:
1. I skipped most of it
2. In the beginning of it, the flock was getting ready to leave and get Max back
3. At the end, they had her back.
4. It wasn't just IN the story. It WAS the story. 

But go ahead and read it if you want to. Remember- I've warned you.

Edit...I CANNOT believe I did that. I forgot to put the link to the story...Wow. That was incredibly stupid of me, and it took me a whole day to realize it. Wow. Well, here's the link:

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Rian said...

Hey i'm reading that one now and it's not THAT bad... if you ignore everything & read it like it's a... third... fourth... class story. then it's pretty good! you've just gotta think positively! oh and thanks... you helped me get to a new chapter that i didn't even know about until i just read it right now. yeah. instead of positively i said postitively. what kind of word it THAT?! MY NEW ONE!!! xD