Thursday, January 22

soooo... borrrreeedddd...

i might die. you know what i just did? i was laughing at my dad cuz he called my mom a yeti, then made a chewbacca noise. then i randomly made a Wall-E noise & he started talking to himself. so i was laughing really really hard, ya know? and i ALMOST CHOKED ON MY LAUGHTER. no kidding. it was SO WEIRD. but it made me laugh more. because seriously. CHOKING on LAUGHTER. CHOKING ON AN EMOTION... well... one that's... how do you describe LAUGHTER?! i need to know. CHEWBACCA. hahaha. what?? i told you i was bored. IS THERE ANYBoDY OUT TheRE!? (on top of the world, all-american rejects) yepp... u guessed right. i'm still spewing random song lyrics! yay!!! *yawn* ... that's not keeping me from being tired. oh... i guess i never told any of you random people out there en el mundo... MI AUTOBUS DE ESCUELA... REAR ENDED SOMEONE! cuz i can't say that in spanish. yeah... we were at a traffic light, and it turned green... and that creepy stalker bus driver dude (he returned out of the blue! AH!) started driving... even though we were in the middle of all the little tiny cars waiting for the green light. so we rear ended someone. at 7 AM. school starts at 7:30 AM. we didn't get to leave (the cops came... hahaha) until 7:26 AM. no kidding. so my whole busload of fifteen people were late to school... and no, we couldn't call our parents to come pick us up. something about having to know where everyone was... yeah. it was really fun though. and funny. so yeah... just thought i'd keep todo el mundo (minna-san)(everyone) in the loop! loop. why is it called that?? it makes me think that everyone is standing in a circle with a rope tied in a loop around them... and of course, there are always a few people who step back too far & end up out of the loop... so people reach out (sometimes) and keep them in. idk. really random. like me! ... must... resist... quoting... numb... repeat... THIS IS MY, MAIN OFFENDER! woah. that was SO random... it's main offender by... someone. i gotta look now. THE HIVES. yeah. like bees. honey. WINNIE THE POOH. WINNIE THE POOH... haha i still don't know all the lyrix to that song. i need to. just like the scooby doo theme song. yeppers. i enjoy many things that i don't feel like listing out. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. kk... i'm sleepy (still...) but no longer hungry (chicken, green beans, and rice can do that to a person... but no worries. i'll be hungry by 12 AM. :D) TACO BELL. haha the other day kristin called her mom & her mom answered, "Taco Bueno, how may I help you?" i like kristin's mom. she's practically my aunt... just because. xD yepp. i do that. and anyway.. i'm continuing my sentence from before. i'm sleepy, but no longer hungry, but most definately sleepy... wow that was repetative. like that word. repetative. rEpETaTive. see?! REPETATIVE IS REPETATIVE! ANYWAY... i'm going to sleep now. skool tomorrow... i can't wait until SCHOOL'S OUT FOR EVER! (school's out forever... by someone. Alice Cooper. who's a guy. idk either) also... that's the name of an MR book. SOF! TAE! STWAOES!!!! those are my favorite three... NO ME GUSTA TFW. BOOOO! OQ oq. why are they basically the same capitalized... but lower cased they are easily differentiated?! ... i really need to go now. stupid school & bus crashes & track= no ice cream... hehe. BOOOO.

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