Friday, February 6

i hate school. it's SO boring. I don't like this "run 489713 300s to get in shape" junk for track. i'm just being negative. sorry. I LOVE ICE CREAM! (hey- trying to start this day positively) yeah... & plus i just got caught up on a blog (you SHOULD know who you are... if you check your comments)... well, i probably should just tell you people cuz then everyone with a blog's gonna leave & check their comments & not find one for me (watch that happen) and then get angry & not read this blog ever again. so please don't leave us! we're just super nerdy IB (international baccalaureate) kids who can have like, a toe in a life that is NOT school related. no kidding. BUT HEY! saturday i'm going over to kristin's house! cuz we're having a party! with one other person! so in order to keep this blog moving (yesh, i have noticed it being REALLY slow- compared to what it once was, that is...), maybe we'll do a post over there. because kristin's computer's REALLY fun to play with. but anyway... i gotta go to school. POSITIVELY! yeah, no, not really. If there's anyone who's randomly near me & knows who i am & stuff, AND you like school, help me be positive! GAH! SCHOOL. just the name strikes terror in some people's hearts... yeah. but i should really stop typing now... see how bad of an IB kid i am?! once i start something non-school related, i just can't bring myself to stop (like reading for fun... gosh! get your minds out of the gutter!)
Rian :)

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