Friday, February 6

just forget that last post...

ok. instead of being positive, i'll just be scared. how about that?! so anyway... i was downstairs & i was looking at this box of cereal & it said "with RIDGES that ROCK" and i'm all, o..k... & the picture was really scary too. so i was sitting there just staring at it in fear, & then my dog just randomly snorts REALLY loudly & scares the snot out of me (not really- my nose is still stuffed up. if only...). Then, before I even posted that last post, i was reading this fanfic, & everyone was all happy cuz it was Fang's b-day & everyone had a good time at his party, when all of the sudden, some crazy masked crowbar man just pops up & starts beating Max & Fang up! i'm all WOAH! & of course, got scared. hmm... i wonder if i can find that picture for you... of the cereal, that is.

...or not. apparently other people are scared too cuz there are NO pictures of what i saw. & i'm too lazy and in a time crunch to go take a picture myself, upload it on here, & blah blah blah (i really don't know what else i was going to do with it...). yeah... so i gotta - NO SCHOOL BUS COME BACK!
Rian (is not really chasing a school bus, just giving herself a lot of paranoia and enough motivation to get off the computer until she has to leave.) :) <-- still trying the positive thing anyway, though...

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