Saturday, September 19


arg, me maties. me forgots that it be national speak like a pirate day. so me's startin' now. Land, Ho! actually, me be on land, so that don't make much sense, now does it?

Holy Polly and her Crackers! I's just realized that me could talk like Cap'in ShakeSPEAAARRRE!!! from ye movie Stardust.
Why yes, I could totally speak like dear old Captain Shakespeare- he's such a wonderful chap, now isn't he? Quite queer, now that I think about it, but still quite a wonderful chap. "Reputations- takes years to build, but only seconds to tear down." or something like that, is what he always used to say.
arg, set ye google page to speak like a pirate! It's really quite interesting- having your computer speak like a pirate! yarr. Shiver me timbers, that was LOUD. JUST LIKE PIRATES! *hears cheers in the background... YARRR!!*
this pirate speak thing is so cliched- i mean, i want to know: what do real pirates actually speak like?
no, i'm not talking about the people who pirate videos. I'm talking about the "capture the booty!" ship sailing "Pirates of the Caribbean" type pirates. well, maybe not Pirates of the Caribbean...
but hopefully you get my point.
Rian (will continue to speak like a pirate... and Captain ShakeSPEAARRRE!!! AAARRR!!!)

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