Friday, September 18

just a post


there's really nothing to post about.
but i felt like i should post, because we haven't in forever. who knows.
... that was random. the "who knows." thing, i mean.
so... my brother's having a sleep over birthday party. and only half of the kids are here. and it's so loud. no joke. but this is what my friend said to my question of why they have to be so loud: "because pizza is that good, halo 3 is that fun, and farting and beating each other up is the best thing ever."
and ya know, i have to deal with all this loudness in the room next door. because my room is next to the game room. so they'll probably be screaming all night long, and turn the TV on really loud in the morning to "help" them sleep. ugh. doesn't help that there's a cross country meet tomorrow, and i have to get up at 5:30 in the morning. again. bleh.
so... i'ma have fun tonight- sitting here, trying to sleep... and not achieving. i also have a lot of history and math homework, so i'll probably get that all knocked out tonight trying to sleep. sad, i know.
it's funny, though, because sometimes i walk out there, and they'll be all, "oh my gosh, i can't believe so-and-so likes so-and-so! it's so weird!" "i know! did you know that so-and-so actually likes so-and-so, though?!" "woah, really?!" "yeah, totally!" "too bad for so-and-so, then."
it's really funny. especially when they don't know i'm standing right there :P
lol- apparently one of the kids are spying on me. not much to see- i'm just sitting on the floor against my bed with a pile of homework beside me, a laptop on my lap, typing and texting away. it's actually quite boring... oh well. i'm armed with KHS, my cell phone, and my game of Text Twist. and homework, of course, but whatever. :)
hungry for pizza. hopefully it's almost done.
Rian (reminds everyone that it is national speak like a pirate day tomorrow- but don't tell anyone)

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