Sunday, September 6


so... Rian here.
Vicky to the left of her(:
yes, Vicky's a real person. No, i did NOT make her up... jeez. you guys are jerks.
And to the left of Vicky we have Erica.
who is also real. and i am having problems with typing. I feel like Kristin. :P
... we're eating jelly beans. yum.
vicky's texting...
whoever that is...
... erica stole vicky's phone, & is wanting to text this tyler person too...
hmmm... who IS this tyler person, anyway?
it's a mystery that is yet to be solved.
i guess i'm just gonna type this by myself. we only decided to do this cuz we were (are) bored, but they're too busy talking to this tyler person, whoever HE is... hmm...
i think he's vicky's boyfriend.
oh. now i'm confused. he WAS her boyfriend, and he's NOT YET (soon to be) her boyfriend??
... yuh.
whatever that means.
now they're making fun of my "yuh" because they say it all the time & it's gangsta? who knows.
yes, apparently it IS gangsta.
... and i STILL can't type. -_-
... magnifying glass?? can we say RANDOM?!
... [you people] "RANDOM!"
actually, i wasn't expecting that. so thanks, guys.
just so you know, i typed all of this... except for the two lines that say "and vicky to the left of her" and "and to the left of vicky is erica" or whatever they say.
vicky wants to type. yay!
Erica is trying to jack my phone): Meaniee & all she says is "LOVE YOU"
Ri-Ri's phone is broken enough obviously????? hahahahah wow so people "little kids" got all wet from a bounce house. YUH FOOL :P
hi there ;P my name is doug. my master made me this collar so i can spea......SQUIRREL O____o
hi there ;P My master is very smart and he made me this collar(: hi there ;P haah this is still Erica. and no, my name is not really doug..although,that would make for some good' :'( :D ahaha people say i'm bipolar...WHAT DO YOUHH THINK fool ;P ....yuh
And I have a thang for capsss((:
[Rian has no comment.]
told you these people were dorks. or weird. or whatever i told you they were.
now they want to make a blog.
GO BLOGGERS ("of America" as Vicky added... but i say, "CANADA TOO" [that was for you Alex])
i also told you they were making fun of me & my gangsta "yuh" [see above comments by Vicky & Erica]
.... seriously. if you don't think they're real... too bad. they are. tough luck for you.
how do you get 7 comments on facebook about going to chicken express?! really now. that's soooo stupid.
... and look who's talking. >.>;;
soooooooooo... i'ma stop this post... it's really long. and pointless. and no one probably read all the way down here anyway, so whatever, losers :P just kidding, people!!!
Rian, Erica, & Vicky (are freaks. deal.)

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