Tuesday, September 8

So I asked Jeeves...

and laughed at the answer.

I'm looking for historical figures that I admire (because I can't think of anyone... any suggestions???), and I came across some guy named John Wooden. I looked him up, & saw he was the retired head coach of the UCLA Bruins. Then, I wanted to know what "bruins" were. So i asked Jeeves. and laughed. because this was the first entry that came up. It's from the Urban Dictionary, by the way, which might account for some of the hilariousness.

1. The team that killed the interest of bostonians in hockey with constant futility and an owner who might as well be dead for how often he makes appearances

haha. :) i like that definition. but for those of you who actually want to know what a bruin is, it's another name for a Brown Bear, apparently. yuh.
Rian (wants to meet someone named Jeeves... and Gina)

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