Saturday, October 10


yeah, i'm freezing right now.

i think it affects my spelling, too, because i spelled every word in that first sentence wrong. Ok... and half the words in that one, too.
anyway, yeah. it's freezing here.
... ok, not literally, but... it's reallyreally cold!
i'm wearing a sweater, jeans, and slippers... and my arms are cold, my feet are cold... and my legs are ok because they're weird like that. but that means nothing!
which brings up an interesting topic.
For some reason, everyone assumes that you're warm when you're wearing a jacket.
just because i'm wearing a jacket, that doesn't mean i'm warm! half the time, i'm quite cold when i wear a jacket.
maybe, just maybe, it's because i was COLD, so i put on a JACKET, and it sometimes takes time for things to warm up. so... it is possible to be cold while wearing a jacket.
and for some reason, the sentence that starts "maybe," has no purpose to me. it's just... there.
yeah, my brain's been scrambled, fried, shorted out, and melted this whole week. especially Wednesday, Thursday, Friday... and today, apparently.
Halo ODST and Spiderman: Web of Shadows, have been constantly on the TV in the gameroom instead of, say, Glee. i have a freaking like, 4-5 episodes to catch up on because i can only watch Halo ODST and Spiderman!!! and because they're recorded in HD, i can't watch them on any other TV. :'(
so today... today's gonna be TV day.
the math homework's not all bad, so i'll do it when i get to the point of doing it.
Rian (is off to kick her brother and Halo [which is a surprise, kinda... except he played Spiderman last night, so i guess it makes some sense] off of the TV. Glee Time!]

psst: i love how i can start talking about being cold and end up talking about Halo and Spiderman. hopefully, it'll be a handy talent to have someday...

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