Tuesday, October 6

Dance Gavin Dance

ok. i really like this band, too.

once again, i was introduced by my "musical genius" of a friend. yes, the same one who told me about KHS :)
anyway... i really like them.
they're pretty amazing. :)
i don't like a lot of their songs, because they're like, borderline super-screamo and scary-like, but... i like a few songs :)
enough to think that Dance Gavin Dance (from now on known as DGD) is amazing :)
wow. there are a lot of smiley faces already.
my favorite song by them is Uneasy Hearts Weigh the Most.
and before you decide to try them out... just know there's a lot of language.
yuh... not necessarily in all the songs... but in a few. i don't listen to a lot with over-excessive cussing, though, so for me, it's not all that bad :P
... there we go with the little faces again...
anyway (again)... yeah.
so... click here if you want to listen to UHWtM (my so far favorite song)
well... i'm really tired.
you know what song's been stuck in my head ever since i woke up this morning at 6?!
... well... i'd HOPE you wouldn't know... that'd be weird.
anyway (jeez!), click here to find out.
i'm not telling. (directly, anyway)
but idk... it's an OK song... but it's too catchy for me. meeeeh.
Rian (is tired, has been doing cornell notes all day, and is working on chemistry... but is gonna go to bed because she's tired. AND WE HAVE STUPID SCHOOL TOMORROW! [no, not stupid school, as in school for the stupid (i wish), but stupid school, as in, stupid is an adjective to describe how i feel about school])

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