Saturday, October 31

this week has been so hectic...

So, my mom was in a car crash on monday. Some guy basically ran her off the road, and she had to miss my brother's band concert, in which he had a solo...but she wasn't hurt.

Tuesday...something else happened. Oh yeah, Glee didn't come on because of stupid baseball, which I now hate. Because it is denying me glee.
Wednesday was the district cross country meet. we basically got to miss over half of school and run through the mud. I did okay, but the mud slowed me down a like, a minute at least.
Also, this was our homecoming week. We have this spirit link thing where all the classes compete to see who can raise the most money. The money is represented by chains of...links across the cafeteria ceiling. We were winning up until Friday, when the seniors "magically" got a whole bunch to beat us by like, twenty dollars. Because the seniors HAVE to win.
Friday we had the homecoming pep rally. It was kind of annoying, mostly because I had to go to the bathroom the whole time, and this crazy lady was trying to get us (and only us) to sit down because she couldn't see. I don't know anyone who sits down at a pep rally though. At least not at our school...we have school spirit. And I mean that.
The homecoming game was on Friday too, and we won...21-14. The other team was wimpy. :)
We have all these awesome signs, and they had like five that said Hooty Who? Since our mascot is the owl. Kinda cheesy.
Today, I woke up around ten, and we cleaned and sang, and then my brother went over to his friends house and me and my parents (my parents and i) went to eat brunch with their friends. It was a really cool place, but they kept playing random scary music. It was kinda weird..
Anyway, after that we went shopping, which was...entertaining, mostly.
Next, we went over to Rianna's to trick or treat. It was pretty awesome. We were both superheroes, so we ran everywhere at first, with one of our hands in front (LEFT HAND OF DOOM!) like when superheroes fly. We passed this guy who was like, "SUPERHEROES RULE!" when we went up to a house and when we passed him again when we came back down to the street. Then he yelled "GO SUPERHEROES!" when we ran away. Then we started having to wait for other members of our group, so we created the superhero pause, where we stood with a hand on our hip and the other out in front of us like we were saying "stop". Some random guy gave me a high five... And of course, when we stopped walking, we had to stand like superheroes, with our hands on our hips and all epic-like.
It was all pretty epic-like. Especially the fact that during the GRAND TRADE, I acquired nine Reese's...two of them are the double packs. :)
I'm happy.

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