Sunday, November 1


yup. So today... or rather, yesterday, was fun.

Trick-or-treating is just fun in general.
it's way better than sitting in a corner for some Homecoming Dance... yup.
So... i won't describe the trickery or treating, as i stuttered. it was "epic-like" (like your word choice, Kristin)
so... i can't sleep.
and it's a good thing it's Daylight Savings Time now.
because otherwise, it would be FOUR THIRTY in the morning.
but instead, it's only three. :)
and for some reason, after every sentence, the enter button must be pushed.
because, ya know, no two sentences can go on the same line.
anyway... so... yuh. i can't sleep.
I even annotated a chapter in The Inferno by Dante Alighieri (it's pretty awesome, i guess), and watched three movies (Bedtime Stories [pretty good], Matilda [amazing- both the book & the movie], and Bolt [which i have now watched a grand total of... FOUR times!]) and came up with a theme- in all the movies, after a while, things got better.
and you know what- only a bag of sour patch kids was consumed this Halloween night by yours truly. and one half cup of Coca Cola. (i would've said 'Coke', but i'm pretty sure that someone out there would think that i randomly do drugs or something)
OMQ i just realized that i put THREE sentences on the same line (if you count the parenthesis as another sentence)
and i think i'm obsessed with the words 'and' and (ugh) 'sentence'.
no joke.
but... what more can you expect from me at... what would be four forty.
you should've actually expected less, since i can't spell words correctly, and i put 'sense' instead of 'since'.
"Could I have made something like this up?"
"Yes. Yes I could. Would I? No."
... my dad drew a guys face broken in half (like those broken hearts... only... it's a frowning dude's head) with blood running down my fingers on my hand in Sharpie.
and i just realized- i have to go to CHURCH with this.
heh... nice going Dad. :P
ok. I'm going to try to sleep now.
Maybe there's good music on the radio now, since it's not Sunday night still. :)
Rian (might actually annotate another chapter before she just randomly collapses)

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