Saturday, November 14


so.... you know (maybe) that there are ads all over the computer for like, twilight shirts and stuff? well... there are.
normally they say stuff like:
"I like a man that glitters" or
"Team Jacob forever"
stupid stuff like that.
so i saw this one ad with three shirts on it. In order, they say:
"Imprinted" (with a paw print on it)
"Consider me Dazzled" and then,
"Team Switzerland"
Ok, not that i don't like Switzerland or anything (i do- I think I travelled through a bit of it when riding a train from France to Italy, and everything I saw on the way there was really pretty, so...), but... really.
Can anyone tell me what Switzerland has to do with Twilight?
Rian (is wondering if the people just made a shirt for "Team Switzerland" because Switzerland is awesome)

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Kris said...

remember, switzerland is neutral territory. and bella said she was team switz in eclipse when ed and jake were arguing. it also reminds me: I CAN SEE RUSSIA FROM HERE!
not that russia is switzerland.

Rian said...

not that Kaliningrad is Switzerland, either...
really!? she said that?!
next time i'm over there, show me. i don't remember.

Kris said...

yeah, i think so...i'll look for it.