Friday, November 13

Quote of the day:

well... it's more of a three line conversation, really, but whatever. The quote is my friend's.

Friend: At first, I thought he was really pretty.
Me: And then you realized that he was a guy?
F: No. I got closer...

yeah, we were talking about the gay guys at my school, and how one of them wears make up. Yeah... twas funny.
Rian (all you need to know is: +/- Infinity)

2 people were awesome enough to comment.:

Kris said...

for some reason, the girls in my journalism class always think the gay guys at school are really's kind of weird.

Rian said...

ok, so i saw one of them today in this girly coat. and you know the one who always wears the purple & black striped jacket? well, the coat kid went up to jacket dude and jacket guy hugged him and said, "you look cute today! do i look cute?!"
except... you shouldn't really ask people if they think you look cute. it's kind of...
idk the word right now. but you know. or... you should...