Monday, January 4

Cue: 'Aww!' and Bambi Eyes

So I figure this is going to be my last non-procrastination post for a while.
Unfortunately, my New Year's Resolution (not revolution, thankfully) was to stay as organized as possible (without making myself look like a geek- I am a nerd, thank you very much) and to procrastinate as little as possible. Sigh.
Anyway, I figure I should post something good.
So... this post is going to be about something I've been thinking about for a while now.
Artificial Fruit Flavoring.
So, in my opinion, no one can make a good cherry flavor. It always tastes like medicine to me, and it's just... ew. But then again, I don't like cherries. That could have something to do with it.
Grape... ugh. I personally cannot stand artificial grape flavoring. I mean, I love grapes, but I had a bad experience with some grape juice in... well, at my daycare, so probably pre-school, (and the next year, I recall something bad with a fish stick, but no one believes me. eh.) and I just can't stand anything grape flavored that is not a grape.
Hmm... Green Apple is ok sometimes... but I've never understood this: Why is it green apple? Why is it not just Apple flavored? And what about red and yellow apples?! I mean, there's nothing special about green apples that make them taste totally different.
Strawberry is great in those little strawberry gummy snack thingies... and in Skittles. Nerds (the candy, not the people), too. Strawberry Starbursts are ok sometimes, too. But another question: Why strawberries?! Did people grow them in straws or something? I should really look this stuff up. HAH! Procrastination project :)
I enjoy lemon flavored things. I used to eat lemons raw when I was younger- they're quite delicious, actually. Just until you get to the rind, though. That's gross. But anyway, I'll eat anything lemon flavored. No joke. I even had some lemon flavored toothpaste at one point... it was good :)
Speaking of oddly flavored toothpaste, I currently have orange flavored... it's ok. Tastes like a minty orange sherbert (or sherbet... whichever. I spell it like it sounds...), and it's ok. And before you make any queer assumptions about me- normally, I get regular old mint flavored toothpaste. Just saying. But orange flavored stuff is usually good, too. But I don't always eat orange flavored stuff.
Ok, I don't know about you, but I really really really like artificial raspberry flavors. Don't ask why... I don't like raspberries at all. Yes, I have tried them. >:P
So... Ok. That wasn't as great as I imagined it would be... but then again, I have school tomorrow. That thought in itself just causes enough stress, so it's not like this would've been the greatest post, anyway. Sigh.
In other news, Junior Mints are amazing. You should have some. And for another procrastination project, I'm going to photoshop a box of Senior Mints. Yeah...
Rian (wishes all a great[ish] day tomorrow)

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