Saturday, January 2

wow. just- wow.

I had the strangest dream ever last night.
You can pick your cause, though for some things, I know what caused that. But last night, I watched Star Trek (again), 5 episodes of Naruto Shippuden :), read a bit of Operation Red Jericho (a very good book so far!), listened to Green Day, and my brother's Phineas and Ferb cd (that I got him for Christmas. At least he only listens to it really loudly at night, and doesn't sing it loudly day after day). So, just FYI, i might have to have visual aids to explain some things, so this post might be pretty long. Just warning you a bit.
So yes. Onto the dream.
It started at school.
No, not my school, nor your school... just a school I made up. It was only a cafeteria, by the way. We just sat around at the little blue round tables with umbrellas. So I was sitting with these friends that I made up (they don't exist), when this dude named Nin (yeah, I don't know either. but apparently, he was really popular in my dream. once again, I don't even know) came over and said my name (keep in mind that I am still Rianna). I stood up, and he came around and gave me a hug. We had a conversation. He let go. We hugged again. Had another conversation. The pattern repeated for a few minutes. Really random, I know. Maybe I just needed a hug last night. Who knows? Anyway, we walked over to the table he was sitting at, and instantly became best friends with his friend Gloria. So I sat and talked with them for a while, and Nin would randomly hug me at random intervals (idek. seriously. i guess i really just needed a hug or something). After a while, everyone started getting traits of people in Phineas and Ferb. It was really weird. Like... someone would randomly start talking like Isabella, or get Candace hair, or a Phineas head. Kinda creepy. But then everything went back to normal... except people were randomly coming after us. So we were all scrambling around the cafeteria, or school, rather. Then I guess someone discovered some kind of slide thing on the second story (yes, a two story cafeteria. hey- don't judge. it's my imagination!), so the people chasing us gave up, and we started playing a game with the slide thingy. After a few minutes, I glanced off to the side, and noticed Master Jiraiya from Naruto watching us. And I randomly felt like I needed to go somewhere with him, but because he belongs in the Naruto universe, I couldn't make his appearance known to anyone in the school. So i turned to Gloria, who was in front of me, and I made up an excuse. "Gloria, I have to go look for your... Notebook! Oh, wait... you probably have that with you, don't you? Well... I have to go look for your... Voice Laughter Closet." (don't ask- no one knows what that is) She looked at me, accepted that (super transparent) excuse, and I ran off with Jiraiya (shudder). Then my dream kind of did this "Meanwhile, back at the ranch" kind of thing, only it just skipped to the scene, it didn't say "Meanwhile". And what I saw... wow. It... well, just look at the picture on the right! (I photoshopped it, in case you couldn't tell.) Anyway, there were three of those, and they hopped along to a weird door type thing. And started laughing. My invisible omniscient self gave them a weird look. They stopped laughing and said, "I wonder if this is the Voice Laughter Closet?" and hopped away. Yeah.
Meanwhile, I had turned into Naruto, and Jiraiya and I were treasure hunting. In a level of Little Big Planet, I swear. We were running around, and I would stop and say, "Hey! I think that's a lever up there!" so we would jump up and pull the lever. So we were running, and then we stepped on a random spring board, and it pulled a Lego Batman (a game my brother has forced me to play with him day after day. Tis probably where the penguin rock thing came from- the rock part is from Lego Rockband, I swear.) My dream zoomed in on this round lego rock, and it stayed like that for like, 10 seconds. I got annoyed. Finally, it zoomed back out, and the rock started rolling towards us. So Jiraiya and I ran. And the rock chased us. Totally an Indiana Jones moment. So eventually, the rock got stuck, and we continued on our way. But then it happened again (different rock), and we were chased AGAIN. Except... we were on a ski ramp. That was covered in a purple persian rug. Also, the ramp kept going in almost a full circle, like an incomplete loop di loop. But yeah. I was running up the ramp, trying to evade this rolling rock, (Jiraiya had just poofed while we were running down the ramp), and then my brother woke me up. Wah.
Now I will never know how it ends.
Rian (wanted to play lego rockband, but was once again forced into Lego Batman. Sigh. At least I know what a fo'c'sle is!)

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Anonymous said...

wth is fo'c'sle?
and i completely understand about the game thing. i always get outvoted. :'(