Friday, January 29

Twilight Graphic Novel

Personally, I laughed my head off when I heard about this.

You can read like... two pages here. I really do want to read it, though.
Speaking of, the Maximum Ride movie is still stuck. I'm not sure what happened, but it's set to come out in 2010 (which it is now, in case you hadn't noticed), and there's no cast or anything.
Okay, I'm totally having flashbacks. I'm listening to my Radio Disney Jams 5 cd.. It's like, eight years old, but has some really great songs on it.
I know there's a video somewhere of me singing Call Me, Beep Me (the Kim Possible Theme Song), and my brother's favorite song used to be Hey Juliet (or is it just Juliet?) Whichever, it's by the band that probably doesn't exist anymore called LMNT. It's actually a pretty good song. And I still know all the words.
PS: I'm going to be looking for info on the Twilight graphic novel. I'll post whatever I find.

EDIT: The first volume of the graphic novel will be coming out March 16th, the day after the new Maximum Ride book (Fang) comes out. What a week! Also, it is being published by Yen Press, (the magazine Yen Plus) that publishes the Maximum Ride graphic novel. Amazing, huh? Hopefully, that means I won't have to buy it, since I get the magazine.

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