Wednesday, March 17


If your house/apartment/living space is haunted, and you decide to ask a priest/priestess to come bless your house, be sure that he is not a failure.
The priest/priestess must a) not believe that there is an entity in your house/apartment/living space. If he/she does, then it doesn't really work. and b) bless every room in the entire house/apartment/living space. Once again, if he/she doesn't, then it doesn't work.

Yeah... my brother was watching this show called A Haunting, and he left, but he's making me watch it because he wants to know what happens to these people in this episode. So I'm over here freaking out because I can't even rationally deal with a ghost story, not to mention tv shows/movies, which make it visual... yeah. But I've seen enough of this show (and seen parts of other episodes) to know that if a priest believes that there is something evil in the house, and becomes scared of it, or doesn't bless every room in the house (especially those in which there is strong electromagnetic energies ((or whatever those are called))) then the spirit/presence is not banished from the ... place (i'm tired of all the slashes). So... yeah.
In other, nonscary news, I found a new hilarious song! It's called Slow Motion :)

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