Sunday, May 30

Rian's Rant on Children!

Ok. So, over the course of many years, I've come to realize something.
People think that kids will do anything and everything they see.
I mean, yes, in a few instances, a child will see something they think is cool or funny and will try to imitate it (sometimes, it's not the best idea). But- here. Examples:

Sesame Street decided that kids were too fat, and said, "Hey! All these kids are probably eating cookies like Cookie Monster! We should make him eat fruit because then they'll eat fruit!"
NO! Kids are still going to want to eat cookies. Not all children are going to suddenly love fruit and vegetables just because that's what Cookie Monster eats. Sure, the parents can use it as a prompt to get them to eat, but that doesn't mean that the kids will like it and actually want to eat them!

Another example: I'm reading my Far Side book, and Gary Larson keeps getting letters from people saying, "Oh, I can't have my children see a cat dangling from the roof of a house, because they'll want to try to catch the cat & do that!"
Uh, no! First off- how is your kid going to get on the roof, anyway?? Second... I don't think the cat would like being tied up, so your child might sustain a few minor injuries, and not try to do it again (unless they're really determined).

People, kids are smarter than you give them credit for. No, I'm not saying to treat them like adults, because they're not. They're just kids. But I'm not saying to treat them like babies, either. By the age of 6, I was able to tell the difference between right and wrong (even if I did lie a lot. But I knew I was lying, and I knew that was wrong, in any case), and I'm fairly certain that any child, as long as they're taught this at home, will not go around reading comics and saying, "hey! I wanna try this dangerous stunt!" and actually go through with it. Sure, we all have that thought that says, "Let's do it!" but rarely is it ever followed through.

Meh, sorry. I've gotten tired of being treated like a baby, and I'm sure that there are many other kids who are tired of it, too. We're individuals, we have brains, we know how to use them. Please let us :)

Rian (was not trying to offend anyone... don't hate me please!)

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