Saturday, May 29


Because Kristin is superamazing, I had a superamazing day :)

The day started off when I woke up to my mom telling my brother that we needed to clean our rooms. So clean I did. Twas fun, I guess, but I figured out the reason why I hate to clean my room (i have to take everything out, organize it on the floor, and then put it back... so my room gets messier as i clean it).
Then, we went to my best friend's house, and I got to hang out with him & his brothers! He's going to University of Michigan, so the next time I see him might possibly be my graduation. Or his younger brother's. It really just depends. :(
When I got home, though, is where the superamazing part begins. I was doing dishes when Kristin came over & GAVE ME A GIANT BOX OF JUNIOR MINTS! I like, died on the inside. I died because I was exposed to 1,999,999.99998% awesomeness, which was way more than I could handle. So I ate (one!!) and continued on.
Later, my dad gave me the "not-really-required-but-everyone-in-the-family-has-read-it-anyway" reading, so I get to read these two hilarious books (they're really comics. The Far Side, to be exact. Personally, Calvin & Hobbs, or Pearls Before Swine would have been better, but The Far Side's not bad [smile]. I really quite enjoy it).
And finally, a few hours ago, my dad made me make TWO bacon explosions! That's when I decided that I was going to become a professional bacon-weaver. I already have the commercial set up in my head and everything. It'll go something like this:

Lady: Oh, I love bacon. Unfortunately, every time I want to make a bacon explosion, I can't bear to touch the slimy raw bacon or the gooey raw sausage!! It's tragic! I wish there was something I could do!
Announcer voice: And now there is! Come visit [Rian's super legit bacon-weaving store name here]!
Me: Yeah! I'll weave the bacon for you, and I'll even spread the sausage on it! I can even prepare a whole bacon explosion for you, so all you'll have to do is cook it!
Lady: Oh, Rian! You weaved this bacon like a pro!
Me: That's because I am a pro, miss!
*cool music and probably the announcer saying something about my super cool store*

Yeah, I know, the commercial seems kinda lame. Ok, ok. It is lame. But whatever, I don't really care. It can have some unicorns or something running around in the background. :)
Rian (the Bacon-Weaver)

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