Saturday, June 19

Dr. Shavargo pt. 3 by Attack Attack! (it doesn't start until like, 1:05)
See, the beginning of that video made me think of Crank Dat by I Set My Friends On Fire
All Nereids Beware by Chiodos
ASL by I Set My Friends On Fire
Better Things by Passion Pit
Acid Nation by Enter Shikari
Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) by LostProphets

Ok. The first four are pretty hardcore, I guess. I like them :) But if you're just really not into that, Passion Pit is a really cool band... you know that Palm Pixi commercial? With that really cool song?? Yeah, that's Passion Pit :) Here's the commercial if you just have no clue about what I'm talking about. It's actually called "Sleepyhead", and it's amazing. But not the one I put up :P
And then, well, Enter Shikari's been up here for a while, but "Acid Nation" is really one of their most relaxed songs, I guess. "Adieu" is awesome, but this one has better guitar parts, in my opinion. And then "Rooftops" is a song I found on Lego Rockband (it's such a lame game, but it's got some awesome songs [smile]), and I really like the lyrics :)

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