Friday, June 18

Whose Line Is It Anyway?!

Oh, I love this show. It's so awesome. I've decided that my birthday party (if I have one) will be Whose Line themed. It's gonna be awesome :D
If you don't know what Whose Line is, basically, it's an improv show. You have four actors, and Drew Carey. Drew has cards that none of the actors have seen before, and they have suggestions on them. He'll read off what it says, and the actors have to preform the skit. If you want, here's the IMDB link for it.
Some examples of the show:

Scene to rap: Black Hole
Greatest Hits: Motorcycle
Number of Words: Mummy & Submarine (this one's kind of quiet...)
Party Quirks: one, two, three, four, five (the last one makes me feel uncomfortable, but it's hilarious)
Let's Make A Date: one, two
Scenes From A Hat: one, two
Props: one, two
Weird Newscasters: one, two
Foreign Film Dub: Chinese, German
Whose Line: Robin Hood, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Zorro
Hollywood Director: Ryan's Gas Station, Car Crash, Convicts in Quicksand
Action Replay: Campers, Tourists
Improbable Mission: Laundry, Shopping at the Grocery Store
Questions Only: Hotel, Godzilla
Moving People: Tonto & The Lone Ranger
Newsflash: one, two, three

Yeah, sorry. I think I went a little bit overboard. But this show makes me laugh, and I had to screen everything to make sure there wasn't anything too inappropriate. So... I just kept watching it. You know, I started this post at the time it says I posted it, but right now it's... 1:30, and I'm still not done, and I haven't eaten lunch. Please wait while I go eat some lunch. :)
After 20 minutes of burgers and the US Open (Golf Tournament), I'm back to work!
Ok. It's now 3:07, so I'm going to stop. At least I've figured out what my favorite TV show is, so if anyone asks, I won't have to make one up...
So, yeah. Enjoy them! They'll make your day. Seriously- even after all that, I still have: "And when I wanna ride I sing: rrrring, rrrring, a-ringringringringring ring. And when I wanna ride I sing: a-rrring, a-rring, a-rrring. And then I go vroom vroom! WOO!" and "I am an alien from the black hole, I've come here to collect your soul!" stuck in my head.
I love Whose Line. Can't wait for my birthday :)
(green is an edit)

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Rian said...

Twice now I've watched that Moving People sketch, and both times, I've laughed until I cried. I'm actually crying right now :)
I <3 WLIIA!!