Saturday, June 26

Target vs. Walmart

*At Target, everyone goes in the in door and out the out door.
At Walmart, it seems like people go in and out the wrong doors on purpose. I know my mom does.

*Walmart has everything.
So does Target.

*Walmart is cheaper.
Target is nicer.

*See the website
Is there a No. Because people who shop at Target aren't insane. Usually.

Anyway, if you're not satisfied with my reasons, click here for some more.


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Rian said...


Lipid said...

I say Walmart.

*Target has an ugly color scheme.
Walmart doesn't.

*Walmart has the cool poles that I jump over.
Taget doesn't.

*Why does it matter what door people go through?

*What's wrong with insane people? I know I am.

Rian said...

There's nothing wrong with insane people. I've talked about insane people a waaay longish time ago on here :D Twas fun!
Also- It matters what door people go through for people like us. I know that I am very obsessive with rules and not breaking them, so everyone needs to go in the in door, and out the out door. For others, it might not matter, but for me (and I guess Kristin since she brought it up), it matters a lot :)
But I guess I agree with the color scheme... red's never really been on my top 5 favorite colors list. Or my top 10. Or even top 15, probably... hahaha

Kris said...

I happen to like red, though that's really just a matter of personal taste... blue and white is pretty boring.
And I agree with Rianna about the insane people thing. Though, when I said insane, I kind of meant serial killer insane. Not normal weird person insane. If you do happen to be a serial killer (no offense if you're not) please forget this ever happened and don't kill me.
Anyway...I guess the door thing could go both ways. It's probably that people who go to Walmart really just don't care, and people who go to Target are kind of OCD...

Lipid said...

Yes, you call the people who go to wallmart crazy but if you go to Target you have OCD????

Rian said...

There are crazy people that go to Target, and OCD people who go to Walmart.
Only, no one talks about the crazies at Target.
Personally, though, I go to Target more because it's right there, but I go to whichever store that has the brand that I like for a lower price. It's all about the bargains for me :D
I feel like I didn't answer the question, though. Oh well. sorry.