Friday, June 25

"Come down here! Co-Not you! You've got hair!!"

Oh my gosh. I swear, I've just watched the best episode of Whose Line EVER! So, I'll try my best to get every piece of it on here, so you can watch it all. Oh, jeez. I even went and rewatched everything... So I'm now watching everything for the third time :) Oh, it's too great.

Let's Make A Date!
Scene With An Audience Member
Sound Effects (this is a little quiet... in more ways than one [smile])
Motown Group: Do The Sewer Worker
Three-headed Broadway Star: You Are My Butterstick
And for the credits... Ryan and Colin read them with the sound effects people. It went along the lines of, "Tom Park. Does he make any noise?!" and then the ladies would do something like, "wooo, wooo." Twas greatness.

Oh, jeez. The quacking elephant was the best, though. "You're uglier than him." ooooh, goodness. Toast. Or Waffles. Or Pancakes too!
Rian (might explode from laughing so much)
psst: If you look during every episode, Ryan always has the awesomest shoes and tie :)
psst2: By the way- if you want to watch Whose Line on TV, it comes on every weekday night at 11pm Central Time on ABCFAM (if you have Verizon Fios, it's channel 199... or 699 if you want to watch it in HD)
At least... that's the way it is for me. You can look on imdb for stuff. the Tv guide, you know? :)

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Rian said...

If you want lyrics to the "You Are My Butterstick", they're here:

Anonymous said...

That was awesome!!!

Rian said...

It really was :)
Hey, thanks for commenting! You've made my day.