Saturday, July 10


I have to say: I really like comedy.
When I'm feeling bored, or down, or just can't sleep, I'll watch a comedy movie. The stupidest stuff always seems to make me laugh, and it makes me feel better (laughter is the best medicine, I'm sure you've heard). But usually, that's it. A comedy movie, a comedy TV show, maybe a joke a friend told me. But tonight, I watched a bit of stand up (actually, I watched a few minutes of "Last Comic Standing" before, but I didn't like how you couldn't hear all their jokes. And I've listened to Dane Cook... so it's not the first time I've seen stand up, but whatever. Moving on.) and I saw Donald Glover (you might know him from the show "Community"?). Dude, he's hilarious. Here are some of the bits I saw, and they made me laugh (obviously)
Our 9/11 (it's so true. Yes, while this can be found in an elementary school, it can also be found in my high school.)
Crazy Stories
Ooh, and I've probably already done this, but I'll go ahead and put some Dane Cook up, because he's awesome :D (but he cusses... so don't watch it if you can't. Now you can't say that I didn't warn you)
Comic Relief '06
Kool-aid Man
Breaking and Entering
And a classic: Burger King
Oh, I love comedy :D until people start laughing at me when I'm being "serious". They say I should be a comedian, I say, "No. I'd have to prepare stuff, and when I try to be funny, I'm not. SO, I won't be." They don't believe me. Oh well.

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Lipid said...

"They don't believe me. Oh well" hahahahaha

Rian said...

nice. :P