Sunday, July 11


You should totally hate me for not posting earlier. I have half an excuse, but that's not really enough. I was in Vegas from last Saturday until Thursday...I meant to post before I left and after I got back, but obviously, that didn't happen. Anyway, I'm just going to mention some of the really cool stuff we got to see in do. After this, you will never listen to anyone who says there's nothing in Vegas for kids.

Basically, we drove to Albuquerque (which I learned to spell on the trip...), stayed a night, drove to Vegas, stayed three nights, and drove back to Abuquerque, where we stayed before driving home.
Half of the really cool stuff was stuff we passed on the way there. IF you believe it, New Mexico and Arizona are way more deserted than any part of Texas I've ever seen. We would drive for hours and not see anything but cows and canyons. I have no idea who owned the cows either, but there were fences...
We saw Cadillac Ranch (which we actually stopped at on our way back). Basically, it's a bunch of cars sticking in the ground that people have spray painted over and over. It's really cool. If you want to know more, click here. It's really cool, but it was also really muddy when we stopped, so we didn't get to go close to the cars.
In New Mexico (the first time around), basically all my brother and I did was be suspicious of every house/building we passed, and make up theories about aliens and secret government bases.
In Albuquerque, we got fudge from here. It was the best fudge I've ever had in my entire life. If you get a chance to go there, you should. They also have free samples.... :D
Anyway, the ride was 18 hours total (to get to Vegas). We passed by Hoover Dam on the way there, but it was pretty miserable out (102 degrees), so we didn't look very much.
In Vegas, we pretty much did all of the normal know, except gambling. We saw: Caesar's Palace (got lost)
The Coca-Cola and M&M building shop things (the Coke one was very cool. We took a picture with the polar bear -click here-)
Paris, Las Vegas (I don't even know if that's what it's called, but we got lost there too.)
Bellagio (we didn't go in, just watched the fountains)
The Mirage (saw the volcano...there's kind of a funny story about that...i'll get back to it later)
Treasure Island (missed the show, but it was still pretty cool)

There was probably some stuff I forgot, but oh well.
When we first got to Vegas, we ate at In-N-Out... It was really good. Too bad we don't have them here.
The Volcano thing.... So, we were watching the volcano erupt, and there were a whole bunch of people there. Of course, I'm kind of short, so me and my brother were standing a couple feet away from the people in front of us, because we wouldn't have been able to see if we hadn't. So, in the middle of the show, this huge guy walks up (with his wife) and stands directly in front of me. Like, all I could see was his blue shirt. My dad was standing behind me and he tapped the guy on the shoulder and said, "hey." And when the guy turned around, he looked really really scared. It was pretty hilarious. Anyway, he moved...

So... on the way back, we stopped by Lake Mead, which, if you remember, is where Max, Fang, and Nudge were in Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. You know, when they were going to save Angel. It was really cool there. It was also huge. We got out of the car and walked around for a bit...
After that, I pretty much slept all the way to Albuquerque (yes, that again), which was a good eight or nine hours. From there, I slept a lot of the way home (another few hours). Yeah... that doesn't really matter.

So, that was my trip, in the least detailed form I could produce. I'll try to post more often...

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Rian said...

At your insistence, I hate you. For 3 seconds. And then all is well :D

heh. the second time you said Albuquerque (dude, I KNOW how to spell it, and it's STILL hard to type!), you spelled it wrong :P

Sounds like fun!! :D glad you had a wonderful time. By the way: since I'm fairly certain that I'm not going to Cross Country practice this summer, at my dad's suggestion, I'm trying to get Aric in better shape. We're just running a little less than a mile, but it's helping. If you ever want to join us, let me know. In any case, I think soon (possibly within the next 2 weeks), I'm gonna start running the 2 mile course, so if you wanna join us with that, it'd be amazing :)
Yes, I know you don't want to. But it's helping, I swear. :P Just lemme know!

Kris said...

darn it... oh well i'm not even going to fix it.
my mom keeps saying i should start running... maybe i'll bring jason, though i know he wants to run even less than i do. when are you guys running?
(jason just confirmed my guess. when I mentioned it to my mom, he was like, "WHAT?! We're running? Tomorrow?" and then he started freaking out and stuff...)