Sunday, July 25

Too much time spent watching hotel Tv.

The other day, we received the lamest Wolverine toy ever from McDonalds. Why is it so lame? Because his arms and legs don't move, but he's got retractable claws. The thing about the claws, though- they're all connected, and they're not even sort of sharp. As my brother says, "Wolverine got a manicure!" yeah... it's pretty lame. Also, next chance you get, invite my family to come over and watch "Mystery Diagnosis" with you. That show can be made into the silliest joke ever, I swear. Some of those parents are stupid, too. "Oh, my daughter has had the worst headache ever for seven days. I guess I should take her to a doctor... BUT SHE'S FAKING! YOU'RE A LIAR! GO TO SCHOOL! SUCK IT UP!!" xD yeah.
Okay, off to dinner now. And next time you're in a hotel room, keep in mind that they're "itchy and claustrophobic," so be sure to scratch the walls and keep the windows open. :)

So, an update on the Super Lame Wolverine (SLW)- it actually turns its head. All the way around. Like an owl.
Also, when you try to make him attack something with his claws... They retract. He's never gonna get close to scratching anything, even in the super lame circumstances. -_-

In other news- last night in Miami, we're leaving in the morning. Blah.
I'll post later, I guess. In the mean time... anyone in a sparkly article of clothing is SO ICY!

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