Saturday, July 17

This is what I've been talking about!

You see, I get very annoyed when people fight over the which language is the hardest to learn. The answer is English. Obviously, if you were born in an English speaking country, or had relatives that spoke English to you at a young age, it's not that hard. You were raised speaking the language, so it's not hard. Just like if you were raised speaking Spanish, or Japanese, or Hungarian. But for a non-English speaker, it's the hardest language to learn. Eddie Brill, an amazing comedian, talks about it HERE. :)
But really. Sometimes, the letters "gh" are silent, as in the word "light", but sometimes the letters create a "f" sound, as in "enough". Sometimes, "ou" makes an "uh" sound (rough), while others it makes an "ow" sound (round). Random k's and p's and g's get stuck before words that really have nothing to do with them- knife, pterodactyl, and gnome, for example. It's so hard to learn, and I get really annoyed when people don't get it.
But, seeing as Americans kind of force others nowadays to know English (some people are just too lazy to learn a new language... and Rosetta Stone doesn't always help [trust me.]), I'll encourage those who are learning. Unless you only know mean people, I'm sure that someone will help you out :)

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kashif14763 said...

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Kris said...

this is a little bit off of the topic of what you were saying, but... i actually think that America is not forcing people to learn english, because everything you see/buy now has spanish, or french, or portuguese, or some other language on it. Or multiple... My mom and i talk about this a lot, which is kind of weird. If you move to America, shouldn't you learn english? even though it is hard...
but, yes. rosetta stone definitely does not help.

Rian said...

Yeah, but like I said, a lot of people are too lazy to learn the language, so when they visit other countries, they kind of hope that people speak english they can understand there (because some people have trouble with accents). Let's just say: I'm glad you & Dan taught me some French, and I'm glad I knew some Spanish the time I went to Europe :)

Rian said...

and thanks for the article... but when I went there, it just said what the services of the company were. I clicked around, but I couldn't find the article that you spoke about :/ But thanks, anyway :D