Friday, July 30

Who's Advertising?!

Okay... hello, all you random people who have randomly come upon our blog all at once.
Unless you are one person...
Yeah. So for all you who don't know, someone (or some people) has (have) been commenting on our cbox lately. For all you who don't know what that is, scroll down & look at the side bar. Hopefully, you'll know it when you see it. All the posts have been around the same time, which is why I'm suspecting it might be one person who puts random links & names.
But yeah. Thanks, whoever you are, for advertising, and thanks to you people (person) for reading! Also, remember that you can comment on the post itself (someone put "Nice post" on the cbox... but there are a lot of posts, and I don't know which one you were talking about). You just click on the little pink line of words at the bottom of the particular post (it says "[insert #] people were awesome enough to comment")... yeah.
Thanks again for stopping by! :)
Kris & Rian

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