Wednesday, September 15

I Just Kind of Died Inside...

So... I heard that they're remaking Back to the Future, one of THE most amazing movies ever (if you haven't seen it... just go. rent it. Netflix it. find it on TV [it happens to come on a lot, actually]. You don't have to watch all three parts, just the first will do).
That's good, right? They're probably going to make it better, right?!


Apparently, Marty McFly is going to be played by [shudder] JUSTIN FRIGGIN BEIBER D: I almost cried when I heard that. I think there needs to be a petition or something... I would really rather them not totally destroy a super awesome movie with... him. This is kind of a repeat with what happened to the Karate Kid... The remake was stupid (or at least, it looked that way- I didn't go see it). WHY DO ALL THE GOOD MOVIES HAVE TO BE REMADE?! Just leave them alone (Leave Miss Teen South Carolina alone! hahaha)
So yeah. Let's petition. :) If you make one and find me, I'll sign it. Even if I don't know you. I promise. :D
Rian, out! (i'll be back, I promise! The poor blog's been lonely)

psst: this petition should also be for a cure for "Bieber Fever". We can't have all of these sick people walking around our schools and stuff :P haha
And yes, I do realize that I've spelled his name two different ways. Personally, I don't like him, so I don't really care. Sorry.

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