Sunday, September 19

Who's Awesome?! YOU ARE!

So today, I was inspired to look at our stats...
some of the keywords people use to find us are "donut person", "a lizard called a swift", and "hilarious halloween costumes". The last one makes me a bit confused... Is it hilarious to dress up as the blog for halloween? I would probably laugh :) But I like how people remember my rainbow lizard and Taylor Swift and think... "what was that lizard? swift???? A LIZARD CALLED A SWIFT!" uh... sure, you guys. And then, of course, all the rest of the keywords involve Maximum Ride, which is probably a surefire way to find us, even though we haven't talked about that in forever.
Also- 30 of you have looked at my page, and only 19 at Kristin's. This makes me wonder 3 things: 1) Do people actually want to know about me? For real?!
2) ... Are you just looking to see if I'm mentally stable?! (after all, I talk to myself on here WAY more than Kristin does... she looks normal compared to me!)
and 3)... I now have 30 new stalkers! HELLO TO YOU ALL!
OOh, 6 people have looked at the page via iPad... though it was probably both Kristin & I when we go to the Apple store... haha and TWO WHOLE PEOPLE have looked at us via PSP. And neither Kris nor I have one, so thanks you guys! So many ways to find us!

ANYWAY, I'm moving on. This Halloween, I feel like dressing up like a velociraptor. I'm not sure how it would work... but the idea just popped into my head. And now I can't get it out. I'll just walk up to people in my velociraptor costume, and I'll be the scariest thing on the streets! Maybe this year, I'll bring a camera & take pictures with random neighbors who have awesome costumes. I could be like, the ULTIMATE FANPERSON! xD pahaha
And in other news, I kind of feel like drawing pictures. And posting them on here. There are many things wrong with this, being: 1) I can't really draw... I can pretend, and I make things look "cute" [according to people], but I don't think I have much drawing ability. 2) I'm not very funny (when I try, at least), so my drawings would probably suck and make no sense to anyone. and 3) i'm currently reading THIS HILARIOUS BLOG YOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ, so I'll feel like a copy cat.
Therefore, no pictures. Unless you want pictures. Then maybe I'll draw some every once in a while, when I have time :) I think it would be fun.
Blah, I guess I need to get back to rewriting this song (total cheese, I don't really like it all that much, sorry- but the video is hilarious!)... so... I'll be back later! Don't worry (if you have been)- neither of us are dead! We'll post every once in a while! When we get the chance... maybe... hahaha just kidding, we will.
Rian (had a lot of parenthetical notes in this post... yay, parentheses!)

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