Thursday, September 23

I'm Still Going To Act Like An 8 Year Old... Don't Worry!

Yes. Today is my birthday.
Today was one of the worst days ever. (brought to you by: The Universe- "Hating you since the day you were born!")
I only got three hours of sleep last night, meaning I have been super exhausted today. Then I had problems with my English teacher (she hates my class, and therefore really doesn't tell us anything, and then she gets mad at us when we do things wrong. yay.), and then I had a slight problem with my physics teacher (she wasn't too bad... she just yelled at everyone to sing "Happy Birthday" to me, and it was weird), then I had orchestra (in which I had problems with staying awake), and then government (in which I had high hopes, but they were stomped on when the teacher showed us an AWESOME show [it's called "The West Wing", and it's like a soap opera for the White House] and all it consisted of was cliff-hangers). Then I had to run 2 miles, which didn't help the exhausted problem.
ON THE BRIGHT SIDE: I have some super amazing friends, so I got a cupcake, the best card ever, and a NEW BLOG T-SHIRT (!!!) from Kristin, a couple of pretty awesome cards from a couple of other friends, and... (the best gift ever) A marshmallow supreme. I hope you know that I was being slightly sarcastic. :)
Anyway, yeah. All of the sudden, the Boys Who Cry (from Spongebob) song got stuck in my head- you know, the one where they're all, "It's all about you girl! On your 16th birthday!" and it's kind of annoying. But it always makes me laugh because then I think of the song that Squidward sings, "When my tear ducts get issues! I can't use just any tissues! I need 4 ply! 4 ply! 4 ply, when I cry!" xD... yeah. I need to listen to more songs :)

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