Saturday, September 25

In Which Many Things Are Weird

So tonight, my family and I went to Black Eyed Peas, my favorite restaurant ever. THE BREAD IS THE BEST PART OH MY GOODNESS. Sorry. I just had to get that out.
On the way home (yeah, I totally just changed the topic. sorry), my mom was messing with her hair. She pulled some over her lip, and my brother said, "Mom, I like your mustache!" so I was like, "Hey! I can make a super awesome beard!!" and proceeded to do so. My parents took pictures (at home), and they're pretty awesome looking. Anyway, that got me thinking about how I totally should have entered the beard growing contest at my school (you pay $5 and you get to grow a beard for cancer [yeah, I don't get it, either]) because I totally would have won. I grew my beard in 5 minutes. But anyway, while I was thinking about that, I saw this ad: And I decided that it was really sad that they can't even spell "Support" correctly. And I realize that license plates are weird with letters... but there are 7 spaces (sometimes more, sometimes less... i know that somewhere there are only 4 because the population is so tiny, but still)... yeah.
totally pointless post.

Oh well.
The blog seems lonely to me. No one's commented in forever. If you're reading this, you should (please) comment just to say, "Hey. You guys are [enter adjective/ random word here]!" (please please). And then I'll comment back with a, "Thanks for being awesome and commenting! [enter laughter and actual response to your comment here]!" Yeah.
Okay. I'm gonna try to finish my homework now. (in Terminator voice) "I'LL BE BACK!"

Rian (is hyper for no reason. wooo)

2 people were awesome enough to comment.:

Lipid said...

Hey. You guys are banana!

Rian said...

... Thanks? I personally don't like bananas at all, though, and Kristin isn't too fond of them, either... But okay, Peter. :)